How to style your conservatory on a budget

Sep 8, 2022

We understand that things could be tight right now, but a few second-hand finds might be just the way forward to bringing a bit of new life into your conservatory, and some ideas might be less expensive than you think.

Decorative Rugs

Inject some texture and colour to break up or zone your space. Rugs are especially good if you have a tiled or wooden floor to add warmth underfoot.

Warm Lighting

Floor lamps or table lights can help set the mood and remove the starkness of the main lights – although simply fitting a dimmer switch could even do the trick.

Plants & Flowers

Bring the outside in. Plants or flowers, or both, can instantly lift a tired room and soften the edges of your conservatory.

Cushions & Throws

Replacing your cushions are a quick and simple way of revamping your conservatory. Existing covers can also be swapped out or even dyed. Patterned or bright coloured throws can instantly bring an old sofa up to date.

Wall Art

Anything from family photos to a favourite set of postcards can add interest to a plain wall or window ledge. It doesn’t need to be a Van Gogh, Warhol or Jackson Pollock to make an impression.


Upcycle an old chair, side table or see what you can source in your local ads. Storage or bookcases are always useful items to help keep remote controls or books in their place.


Anything from old cameras to glass bottles and jars – fill with wildflowers from your garden or pebbles from the beach. Glass is especially good as it reflects the daylight so well.

A useful place to start your search could be on eBay, or more locally on Gumtree. We have also found some great groups on Facebook aimed at keeping things out of landfill.

And if all else fails? Then one of the simplest ideas is rearranging what you have, this alone can help create a fresh new feel.

What have you done on a budget to brighten up or make your conservatory more useful for day to day living?