How much does it cost to insulate a conservatory roof?

Oct 28, 2022

This is the most obvious question to ask when thinking about conservatory roof insulation and rightly so, but it’s not the most straightforward of answers to give. This is why many suppliers don’t provide prices and instead ask you to request a quote.

Internal or External

This is by far the main choice in terms of how it will affect the price. Internal conservatory roof insulation only, with battens fixed to the underside of the existing roof with insulation added, is going to be considerably cheaper than opting for the addition of a new timber roof filled with an extra layer of insulation and lightweight roof tiles.

Glass or Polycarbonate

When working on internal only insulations we apply a tint to the underside of the glass. This is a tinted film that ensures your conservatory also looks great when viewed from outside. We don’t usually apply this film to polycarbonate unless it is really clear, as it tend to be more opaque and you cannot see the insulation from outside..

PVC or Wood

If your existing conservatory roof is made of timber we effectively need to clad between each joist. While this looks amazing it actually uses a lot more wooden battens and almost doubles the insulation time. It is more time consuming to both cut the individual battens and also install them.

Conservatory Style

When we refer to style we mean Victorian, Edwardian, P-Shaped, Gable End or Lean To for example. The actual style of the conservatory doesn’t have a huge affect on the amount of materials used, but a conservatory roof insulation on a Victorian style can take longer to install than say on a lean to.


Some customers with very large conservatories or ones that don’t get much light due to the position within their boundary, like the idea of adding rooflights. It is absolutely no problem accommodating these into the project but they will clearly (pun intended) affect the overall price of the job.


Do you have existing lighting that either you want to retain, or perhaps take us up on our free spotlight offer? This would require us to take a live feed from somewhere and wire into your new roof insulation.

Leaks or Repairs

Does your conservatory have a leak in the roof or some other issue, such as a poorly closing outer door or an issue with one of the windows that needs to be rectified. These all needed to be fixed prior to the conservatory roof insulation being installed.

So how much does it cost to insulate a conservatory roof?

Well as you can see there’s quite a lot to think about when we work out how much it costs to insulate a conservatory roof. But we do have a starting point. Our internal insulation prices start from £1,620 for a 3m x 3m (9m2) conservatory.

That includes all materials and fitting, plus a 10-year guarantee on all workmanship and products, with zero VAT to pay.

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